Sunday, March 29, 2009

So this Earth Hour thingy...

Initially I wasn't sold to the idea of turning off the lights. Yes I know it seems absurd that for someone like me wouldn't be sold the idea. Yea. I thought that turning off the lights wouldn't mean a thing. Yes it means you 'Voted Earth' but then what have you done to 'support Earth'? It's like voting for PR and keep quiet when you're asked to bribe. No point.

Well then my mum saw the ad and asked wanna join or not. Of coz when the parent asked den you say yes la. Takkan say no when they are showing effort?

Come 8.30pm and I prepared to take a walk wit my cam snapping the darkness.

Well my living room was dark, that's a good thing.

But where were my parents? LOL they went out to some place for dinner.

Ok no prob for me. Turned off the computer and everything else in my room. Hooked up the tripod to the cam and went out. It was just hitting 8.30 and lights are still on at the nearby 'temple' and community hall. Mamak stall seemed bright. Went to look for an indicator:
Before (during E.H, to be exact)

You might wanna check out the 'after' pics in the later part of the post.

Another during pic. At first only my home was dark. Second time i walked past it was dark. Well at least the ones you see in the pics are. (screwed up WB. Damn... Worst part is I was shooting in JPG)

One thing that disappoints me is that people are actually driving out to escape from the heat of turning off their fan and stuff.

What difference are you making when you turn off your lights to 'conserve energy and reduce CO2 emissions' but drive out? Mind you these are houses that are blacked out. The CO2 you pump into the air is more than the CO2 you offset in that 1 hour. Mother Earth is gonna thank you for that.

And I see more and more cars leaving their blacked-out houses deeper into 'Earth Hour'.

Get the message straight. Convince the government to invest in renewable energy. It's a whole field, a whole economy by its own. In this economical downturn, the field of renewable energy actually creates jobs.

Enough of those stuff. You can know more from wiki and Al Gore.

Another thing is the way companies are promoting it.

Look at the menu for a dinner organised by a local company. Zoom in on 'organic salmon'. No matter how organic the salmon is, flying it across the pacific ocean juz to get it on someone's plate is just as green as turning off your lights and driving out. If wanna be green, BE green. Dun say that the dinner has it's lights off and entertains you wit acoustic instrument that it's green. Unless that salmon is caught on our country's shores. Than it's a diff story.

And yes, my camera is probably charged by fossil-fuel derived electricity. I could've ran on a hamsterwheel to generate electricity for it though. LOL.

Hrmm... Let's end this post fast, shall we? Some 'after' pics:

See any difference? Screwed up the WB for this as well. Beyond repair.

Saddest part of the whole hour is that as soon as it strikes 9.30pm, my parents reached home. And in a minute all the lights in the house were lit, along wit a shout of 'EARTH HOUR IS OVER'. No doubt I felt embarrassed by that. It's like they feel liberated by the forces of nature and are now re-conquering nature. *Did I juz sounded like a hippie in that last sentence?* LOL I dunno, never had the idea of preaching to my parents. I tried to ask my mom to segregate her rubbish, she did it for one day, and forgot about it the next. LOL.

And the place they went didn't turn off their lights. So much for suggesting the idea of turning lights off.

A pic I took during the walk:

Unknown significance. Juz felt like posting. 8 seconds exposure though.

So how many dinosaurs did you save from flying into the air yesterday night?

Oh yea, pics were taken wit the LX3 but felt that it wasn't worth the space on my flickr. Badly taken, aren't they?

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