Monday, March 9, 2009


Was in KL when the whole riot thing happen.

Imagine the faces on the few of us when we see a sea of human walking on the overhead highways. HOW THE HELL ARE WE GOIN TO GET BACK HOME? At first they were walking forward, den suddenly they walked back, then all of a sudden they stopped on the road. WTFFF...

Was discussing the issue wit dudes. I was wondering if you would just go up to one of them ppl, and ask them 'pak cik/bang/boss, nak tanya, apa itu Natrium Klorida?' or 'nak tanya, apakah nilai bagi pecutan disebabkan daya graviti?' or even 'ada berapa tulang dalam tubuh badan?' just to complete the 3 fields of sciences. I bet none of them can give you an answer close to the correct one. As you can see I loosely translated the few terms la.

I saw neneks, atuks, and even kids who have yet to learn a thing about which group is frogs under (of which is learnt in kindergarten or Std 4, at my time of coz). They dunno a thing about science, so I do not agree that their views hold any credibility.

Then decided to take LRT ask ask my mom to ferry the few of us back home. Saw this:

We saw FRUs also but didn't manage to take pics.


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