Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Old style tidbits/biscuit store

Pics taken on the same day as the previous post.

Pork knuckles w/ rice. Damn tasty! But not for the health-conscious. *insert bad stuff* will shoot thru the roof.

Gramdma doin wut she does for the last 50+ years, sellin biscuits.

Rack of chocolate-coated wafers in red packaging.

Retrieving containers of biscuits.

Seriously, it's rare to see shops selling tidbits/biscuits like this anymore. Most of them are self-service style in supermarkets. Even that also the variety is not a lot.

Dunno wut will happen to the store when my grandparents decide to retire. Currently no plans to do so though.

Muz be reading too much Too much one-liners in recent posts.

Hrmm... Everytime there's something bothering me, I wished I had my cam wit me. The surroudings seemed so beautiful. Le Chatelier's principle applying to life? When you're sober or down, nature tries to lighten you up by making it look beautiful.

Damn... It's like Torro Rosso trying to win Ferrari. Ferrari is destined to win no matter wut. Unless Ferrari screws up, or else Torro Rosso has got no chance of winning, of which was proven when Sebastien Vettel did win a GP when Ferrari screwed up. Wut are the chances man...

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a070615 said...

I like those biscuits =p
get some for me next time
better if it's FOC.