Sunday, March 8, 2009

More pics

My first few attempts on water shots:

Literally a fraction of a second too soon.

This shot was worth all the repeating. Too bad it is a little out of focus.

But hard to prefocus la, camera dunno where to focus coz the whole frame's blue (pail color) only. Manual focus could only improve the shot so much. Cannot fine tune la coz again, the whole scene's blue.

Shot of the sky.

Power lines. Dunno how to compose this any better.

My attempt on bokeh. Only regret was out of focus on the flower la... Should've stuck to macro focus.

Nothing much to shout about.

Was getting a few pics for Jon. Realised I never organised my pics from the 6630. Only a few pics remained and thankfully there were the ones that Jon wanted. I think there was once a hard disk breakdown that wiped everything off.


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