Thursday, February 18, 2010

Have A Little Faith, that's all it takes

Just done reading a book, yep done my one book per year quota of the average Malaysian. This year I chose 'Have A Little Faith" by Mitch Albom. The previous book I read was 'How StarBucks Saved My Life' that I saw from a review in The Star. This recent one I saw from the best seller's list.

I know I've been very objective in my choices, be it movies or books (in particular). I usually go for those that have a high rating by the users. C'mon I don't want to put money into something and end up as another statistic voting for 'unfavourable'. I like to be enlightened by the movies/books that I watch/read. Maybe that's how I fill my spiritual void left by the absence of a strong sense of religion.

So yeah, the book. See I'm bad in reviews and story telling. So I'll keep this short.

For what it's about, go to and search for the title. The theme is religion, specifically Judaism and Christianity. The real theme however, was faith. The story is about the author's journey in writing an eulogy for his Rabbi, with a blend of his meeting with a Pastor. The author documents the life of these 2 clergymen as being told by the clergymen themselves and their congregants.

This book did not make me convert (it shouldn't), but it did make me rethink the way I have faith in things.

Haha I might be good in talking about physical things but I'm a sucker in expressing my spiritual thoughts.

Until next time...

P/S: This book is non-fiction, so no dragons or vampires. Sorry for you Twilight-fanatics. But that's the way I like.

P/S 2: I was so close to getting a fiction book, "Starting Over' by Tony Parsons. Maybe next year?

P/S 3: It's a 240 page book and it took me about 3 weeks, on-and-off, to finish. Maybe about 12 hours? Haha yeah I know slow reader.


superduperhairi ;) said...

Lulz I was just about to suggest you this book ; 'How StarBucks Saved My Life' . Never thought you actually already read it. I just read like half of it at Borders .Too bad din finish it yet -.- I only read the intro and its interest me.Did you finished reading 'How StarBucks Saved My Life'? So how was it? Cuz uhh if its a great book,I mostly gonna spend on it.

Anyway isn't the title 'How To Save Your Life'? Or something like that? Cuz the frm what i remembered, the author himself says in the book that it was supposely be 'How StarBucks Saved My Life' but he changed it.Maybe just maybe 'How To Save Your Life' is another book of his. Owh yeah its a light blue cover if im not wrong.

DJ Foo said...

Hahaha I read few pages into "How Starbucks Saved My Life" at Popular, jumped to the middle, and decided that I've got to finish it.

There's not much climax to it la, just a lot of insights about how Starbucks functions (I reserve my verdict on the extent of accuracy the book is to actual Starbucks operations). It's a pretty human story.

Like how 'Have A Little Faith' gave some insight about Christianity and Judaism (just a little, and none about the prophets so no worries), 'How Starbucks Saved My Life' gave some pretty good insight about coffee.

You should've expected me to blog about "...Starbucks..." coz I did.

And no, as depicted in the pic I took, it's 'How Starbucks Saved My Life', with a greenish cover, Starbucks' signature color ma.


superduperhairi ;) said...

Hmm,I see.But seriously I think there is another book from the same author but different title.The one I mentioned before.Maybe I'm wrong but nevermind, if I have a free time I'll go to Borders and show em to you cuz I'm pretty positive there is another book titled "How to save your life" or something like that.
I'll updated you if I went searching for the book.Haha I just love reading anything related to someone life.Same goes for your blog :D

Okay dude,another thing changed the font color edy -.- Hope its ok now.Tell me if its not LOL~~

superduperhairi ;) said...

Buy it :D~!