Monday, December 27, 2010


This is a brief comparison between the HTC Desire Z and the Apple iPhone 4.

First is a dimensions comparison:

Length-wise the Desire Z is a bit longer by 4mm.

And is wider by 1.8mm.

In terms of thickness the Desire Z is thicker by 5mm.

Now they both feel to be about the same length and width in the hand, however the 5mm difference in thickness is definitely noticeable.

The first thing you notice is the volume button on the iPhone 4. Sleek.

Then the 'iconic' bands that supposedly will cripple the antennae. Seems they rectified it on the latest build of the iPhone because I cannot reproduce the signal deterioration as seen on videos.

The iPhone 4 has a secondary front-facing 0.3 MPixel camera.

If coz it's only usable in wifi and between iPhone 4s. Some say they can use Fring, but meh, what if the other person doesn't have Fring and a data plan? lol

Both feature 5 Megapixel cameras at the back with AF and single LED flash.

Both feature a button in the bottom middle of the phone, but have totally different functions. lol

Desire Z uses a microUSB port at the side for all the microUSB shenanigans, while the iPhone uses a propriety port at the bottom edge.

I've gotta say the iPhone 4 is a gorgeous thing. Maybe it's the marketing done by Apple that gives you a certain amount of pride when you hold an Apple product.

Physical comparison aside...

Comparatively, the iPhone is a lot more fluid in it's screen movement compared to the Desire Z's occasional jitteryness.

However, the main attraction of the iPhone, it's App Store seem to cripple itself since a big majority of its apps have to be bought. Now in this geographical region the paid apps on the Android Market are filtered from my view so all i get to see are free apps, but still I get a good number of awesome games out of it, for FREE.

A prime example is the full version of Angry Birds, which is a paid app on the App Store and a free app on the Android Market. Awesome?

Now you might say that why wouldn't anyone pay for a game that's so awesome? Well not everyone wants to pay for apps on a phone. My uncle, who bought that iPhone 4 featured in this post, refused to buy any apps from the App Store. His kids were so excited when they saw Angry Birds on my phone because they can play more than the free Lite version of Angry Birds on the iPhone. lol.

Another beauty of the Android platform is that basically every part of the user interface is customizable. Some require a bit more effort to achieve, but even without rooting a lot more can be customised out of the box compared to the iPhone. Don't like the browser? Don't like the icons? Don't like the launcher? Don't like the on-screen keyboard? Don't like the messaging client?

Customise it.

This is in contrast to the dictatorship marketing of Apple. The 'you tak suka you keluar' kind.

So why would you want to buy an iPhone?

1) You're a fanboy.
2) You want a phone that just works
3) You appreciate the shifting effect of the screens that is iconic of iOS
4) You have money to spend on a phone that the innards you cannot customise
5) You are confident you won't want to do any customising on a phone
6) You hate Android phones.

Isn't it very unfair that whatever phone that comes out, it surely is compared to the iPhone? The Nexus One, the Evo, the Droid X, the Galaxy S, the Nexus S, Desire, Desire HD, Desire Z, N8 etc. The iPhone is not even considered a smartphone IMHO, at most a dumb down version of a simple phone, because people don't read prompts that appear on the screen anymore.

But who the hell hides the screen rotation lock toggle within the 'task manager' (double click home button on iPhone)? At least if you put it there have the courtesy to replicate the option in 'settings'. My uncle wanted a landscape keyboard after asking me how to enlarge the keyboard. I had to go to google to locate the toggle. WTF?

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amirfazwan said...

whose iphone is that?hoho

Foo said...

^ It's my uncle's.