Friday, July 24, 2009

David vs Goliath

K I dunno how a review post goes, but here it is.

Borrowed a Canon 1000D from a friend of mine, Justin. Cool guy agreed to it right away. So 'Rachel' (yes i noe, the passion he has for the game till he names his cam) stayed wit me for 3 days and boy, nothing can ever compare to this thing.

At first wasn't used to the focusing mechanism of a DSLR. The first 10 pics or so were crap, all blurred. Den slowly but surely I got the hang of it. Although still shaky hands, but now i noe how to compensate for it lar...

I dragged till today to make comparative shots wit the LX3 I'm currently using. Oh god the LX3 felt so small after handling the 1000D for a while. A pack of cards would be appropriate to describe the feel. And so here goes:

Hailing from the east, the Canon EOS 1000D:

Of coz those 3 were taken by the LX3.

Hailing from the same side (both from Japan maaa...), the Panasonic Lumix LX3:

Both cams feature about the same amount of megapixels (10.2) but they dun matter. Of coz the DSLR has a bigger sensor than the compact. Considerable difference in size, weight, shooting posture, shooting mechanism and much more.

The following pics have the LX3 first followed by the 1000D. I've tried my best to snap the same frame but the different focusing distance of both cameras meant it's impossible for all pics.

First up the zoom range.
1X (24mm on 35mm equiv)

2.5X (60mm on 35mm equiv)



Quite logic as by my calculations, the 18-55mm kit lens would provide a 3X zoom from initial angle of view. Note that no effort was put into framing and exposure in the pics above.

The chinese caligraphy thingy. F/2.0

I dunno wut i screwed up but the 1000D pic was underexposed. The staircase was dark though. Was at max aperture @f/5.6.

Focused on the Charlton logo.

I think I put different metering modes for both cams. Shiat now only realise. LOL

The 1000D shot would have more blur in the background coz of i-dunno-why-but-f/5.6-also-blur-background-already-i-tot-f/2.0-only get-blur.

There was a point where I realised I set the 1000D's EV compensation to -2. I dunno when did i rectify it...

The max the built-in flash for the 1000D can sync was 1/200. The LX3 can still snap at 1/2000. I dunno but someone needs to school me on this. LOL LX3 also only able to sync at 1/200. I guess the 1000D shot was a lil out of focus, or was it due to the shallow depth of field?

I dunno if i deliberately framed these shots differently to make the 1000D's pic look more pleasing but I had to back off a bit to get the fruit focused on the LX3. The kit lens has a shorter focusing distance. Shiat I juz realised i had both lenses on it's longest (tele-est?) end, which wasn't equal in the first place. Diff by 10mm, i think?

Again the focusing distance affected the distance i had to be away from the subject.

A heavily-oxidised previously-chromed whistle.

The amount of detail is about the same, with the option that the 1000D can perform better at higher ISOs (less noticable noise, the LX3 sucks at 800)

Jusco selection pillow cases mom bought.

Again even wit the kit lens the amount of blur (can I use bokeh now?) still exceeds the F2.0 of the LX3.

I think the diff focal length i set on both cams practically ruined my empirical analysis of the performance of the 2 cams.

Shots from ground level is a bit different coz the height of the sensor from the ground is not the same. I had to jack up the LX3 a bit in this case.

I couldn't be bothered to replicate a side-view shot for the LX3. It's juz too fun snapping away wit the 1000D.

The remaining ones are from the 1000D:

Cun la...

This pic to remind everyone that they are juz toy cars. LOL did i get too carried away?

As you can see I was too lazy to take a stroll outside the house. Ain't no gonna risk Rachel man...

So the result of the duel? I'm getting a DSLR when I get the chance to. Consider that a promise or declaration.

Oh yeah, GOLIATH WINS. That is of coz assuming you wanna have more flexibility in actual photography. Otherwise, the LX3 will serve you well.

I'm keeping the LX3 for video purposes. Hehehe...

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