Friday, July 24, 2009


Featured are a some of my favourite shots from the 1000D test-drive.

This nicely-lit Enzo toy car. I like the reflection on the floor.

My favourite of the bunch. I think the monotonous shades kinda made it special for me. No PP ma...

This was a surprise shot as it was my discovery of the ISO1600 in compensating for camera shake. I mean, that way you can choose a faster shutter speed. Av mode kept optimizing for correct exposure so went into M mode, picked a faster shutter speed than the one recommended by Av mode and voila. Auto ISO could only suggest ISO800.

Another trial in inadequate lighting condition. This one tweaked brightness a bit.

The next were not my favs, but... I dunno juz felt like posting them.

I've seen this technique too many times on the interwebz. Had to give it a try myself.

Could never achieve this one on the LX3. Simply point and shoot and I got this.

This makes it 2 posts in a day. Slowly sip it yeah? Gonna be quite some time b4 I have new materials to update the blog wit.

Oh boy I'm gonna miss Rachel so much...

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