Sunday, August 9, 2009

Where's My Chicken At?

Was a lil bored this weekend. Ended up buying a piece of chicken breast. Always wanted to try marinading chicken with orange juice....

In goes some onion and garlic (and salt and pepper, but barely noticable. Hrmm..). I like chopping up onions like how they do it on TV. Damn nice to play. XD

Then seared the meat by itself.

It was ok until I had this evil idea of getting some juice in to sorta 'glaze' the meat. Super fail I tell you. Coz the pan was a lil too hot (lowest heat tim, damn huh?) And turned blackish like right a few seconds after I drizzled some in. It didn't taste pleasant.

Good thing didn't affect the taste much. Maybe the chicken's cooked to perfection? :-P

Onions and garlic sauteed separately.

Then this evil thought of making a sauce from the marinade came. "Why not?", I told myself and before I knew the whole bowl of marinade was poured into the pan. Let it evaporate a bit den couldn't wait already, time to serve that thing.

I muz admit, the sauce sucks. The initial taste was bland, then the orangy weird taste kicks in and you're left with raped tastebuds. Weirdly enough if eat the chicken wit bread and drizzle the sauce onto it, it tasted ok. Juz barely ok though...

Urghh I'm not gonna make my own flavouring next time. It's better to stick to original taste for now. Oh yeah I juz remembered. This was all due to my 'kiam sat-ness". I was given the option to buy sweet oranges or sunkist oranges. The sweet one is Rm1, the sunkist was 40 cents. I bought 2 of the cheaper option. LOL. Damn I even took the effort to zest the oranges. LOL~~~

Not to be left defeated, I cooked the remaining portion of chicken breast the next day (today). I thought: "hrmm... is it really that delicious to sear meat wit only salt and pepper? Hey I miss that Cordon Bleu from Secret Recipe...."

And here we have...

Cut the remaining breast into 2 portions. Expanded one a bit wit the book flip trick. Made a pocket in the other.

As Jamie would put it "a lil' salt and pe'r..."

And I thought: "bread crumbs! bread crumbs!"

Sacrificed a piece of bread, the first piece of the loaf anyway. Toasted it at high heat for 10 i think.

I pan fried the cordon bleu a bit for like 5 a side den wacked in the oven for another 10. The smell was awesome.

Chicken steak was easier. 5 a side den gao dim. Flipping it once is my only stubborn-ness in making food. Makes the perfect meat everytime.

One chicken breast and one cordon bleu coming up!

Breakfast is served! Playing wit the cam gave the food enough time to relax. Jamie yang ajar tu...

Kind of punctured the pocket while doin the thing. Had cheese all over the place in the oven.

I would say salt and pepper is the best way to eat a piece of chicken breast. DAMN NICE!!! But must be black pepper though. Whites dun go well wit anything.

Snapped this halfway thru eating it. I swear I'm gonna make this again. It is that good. The chicken liquid/juice thing mixed wit the cheese (juz ordinary breakfast cheese) is heaven.

Now I gotta learn to make side dishes. Can't be eating all these goodies wit bread all the time...

P/S: I love Lightroom. It's fun salvaging lost details!

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