Saturday, August 22, 2009

Ayham Starthing Thuu Misthew is Swahili for 'Holidays Suck'

Electrical blackout few days ago. Dunno for wut reason the electric house (?) keeps breaking down. Copper at a very good price now ah?

Wut's a dark house good for? Grab an LED light and shine away!

"Ladies and gents, introducing the Ferrari..."

The whole idea started off by me trying to see how the brushed glass table looked like when shone from below. Grabbed the Enzo and voila! Not that enlightening but just feel like posting.

*cues dramatic car launching music* " ...Enzo!!~"

Guess it's a noob's stepping stone to actual strobing.

I should be dusting the Enzo since I'm taking so many photos of it lately...


The WB for this pic was awfully blueish. If it wasn't for Lightroom this pic wouldn't have survived. I dunno about you but I like the lack of vibrance in this pic. Super noisy but who cares.

Not that much reading material this time coz someone says my blog is boring. Hmph!



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