Friday, August 14, 2009

What's Your Favourite Food?

I dunno how to make this post lengthy, so I'll try to develop it as I go yea?

There's once I thought "wut if someone asks you wut's your favourite food?"

Do you tell them wut you currently like to eat?

Or your all-time favourite food?

Coz when you have a current food that you like you might rank your all-time favourite 2nd.

And if you like your all time favourite 1st, your current favourite wouldn't be your current favourite anymore coz it'll be your current 2nd.


"What's your favourite food?"

Is it your all time favourite?

Or your current favourite?

Maybe it's a nice food you enjoy at the moment coz yer not eating your favourite, be it your current or all-time favourite?

Or your favourite food is actually one part of a food?

Is it your favourite sweet food?

Or favourite savory food?

Or the food that's your favourite to make?

Is it the food you wished you could eat all day long?

Or the one you wish you could eat everyday?

Is it the favourite food you'll crave for from time to time?

Or the one you can't live without?

Maybe it's the one you've been subconsciously eating all the time?

Or you're just a pathetic anorexic that hates food?

So, "What's Your Favourite Food?"

Sometimes it's just so hard to tell wut you like, wut you love or, as MY would put it, "wut you lust for". Like, love and lust. 3 words starting with 'L' that has a meaning so close to each other yet representing 3 different levels of the same thing - affection.

Think about it.

P/S: This post was originally titled "Where Your Stomach At?" but was changed due to the overly repeated phrase of 'favourite'. Guess it was changed for the better.

P/S 2: I've been wanting to make a food post for a while now. Been taking pics of food but couldn't wait for that long. Dug up some old pics, recycled a few.

P/S 3: I dunno, but i wanted to put some hidden messages into the post, but, well, if you can pick it up, great, if you can't, then too bad. :-P

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