Monday, April 26, 2010

A day I Wished Was Over Super Veloce (56K beware)

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So yeah, got dragged to Melaka with a gang of aunties. Everytime I go on these trips with the aunty gang it only reminds me why I hated the last trip. Seriously.

So yeah, Melaka...

First stop, DUH~

First thing to see was the amount of tourists. Tourists with DSLRs. lol

Offered to help this fella take a pic of him and his gf/wife. He's from China. Was actually surprised that I'm a local and can speak mandarin. LOL I dun look cina enough izzit?

They indirectly become an attraction to me. You'll see later. LOL.

Macro of some beads.

In a way this Melaka trip has a lot of 'firsts' for me. Tis' my first bee shot.

Melacca River.

Jonker Street.

I initially thought this thing was special. Mana tau it's all over the street. LOL.

Some kid selling ding-ding candy.

It's really fun being a tourist, esp with a big fat black camera. Everyone thinks you're a tourist from overseas, including the locals. It's fun coz it gives you the license to snap at will.

Not doing it right, he is.

St. Paul's Memorial.

All of a sudden this fella starts singing '上海滩'. "long paan~~~ long laau~~~" Meh pronunciation lari sikit la bang...

Came back to the church area and saw a married couple take photos. I think those beside him are tourists as well, taking the couple as another attraction. LOL.

Then came the reference to the post title. All of a sudden a Lamborghini appeared. Caught off guard of coz, but this time with lens cap off. Managed to snap this. Was wondering which lambo is it... Worry not, as my jodoh with this particular lambo is not over yet as you can see later.

Hrmm, 'First OTR Lambo shot'?

Time for food. So-called portugese food.


So-called otak-otak. It's just some fish paste (not the normal spicy otak-otak) covered with flavoured coconut shreaddings. Not that special.

Like this.

Some chicken dish. Macam 芋头鸡 'Wu Tao Gai' just with potatoes.

Asam fish. The gravy is damn flavourful, the fish is damn tasteless. I think they cook the fish and the gravy separately. 不入味 lerrr...

Best dish in the course of the meal. Normal fried eggs. WTF I CAME TO MELAKA FOR THIS?


Coz Melaka Town's so small, we keep going around the same places. I spotted the Lambo at a hotel, and kept hunting for it every single time we went around it. Rear spoilers, dun tell me it's...

Came to the famous local product place. Pokok Melaka anyone?

Natural? I thought bird's nest were never sweet?!!

And you see me for the first time! The old man beside me is the founder of the company Datuk 陈金福. He came out and started giving everyone freebies! Seriously!

'First famous ppl shot'?

Then I saw the words: SV!!!! It's a freakin SUPER VELOCE!!! IN MELAKA!!! Where's the car from? Hrmm...

Was looking for the fort all over Melaka. The last time I came was 15 years ago and I remembered it was visible from afar. Niama after everyone gave up and decided to enter a shopping mall only I can find. It's behind the freakin mall... Built 15 years ago...

Remember this fella? I met him when went for Qing Ming. Go back to the Qing Ming post and see for yourself. Totally unexpected to see him here!

Flag pole with flag.

Went back into the mall and saw this mini concert of sorts. Couldn't be bothered with it. Some local band la.

Man at work.

Then I thought: hrmm... first performance shot? Tis' the lead singer.


From KL apparently...

When left the mall to get back to the assembly point, saw free tasting booth for Mamee noodles. I never knew Mamee made instant 3-minute noodles. I only know they made instant 30 sec noodles (open pack, pour seasoning, munch).

Hrmm... Super Veloce looks like from S'pore. Anyone can confirm? Weird number plate.

Lambo shots = 'first paparazi style shots'? Was bursting the hell out of the camera whenever the Lambo was sighted.

Looks like rempit is not restricted to KL only... See how they recognise that rempits were 'budak-budak's? LOL.

Show off~~

On our way to dinner, stopped at a gas station mobbed by a bunch of viva drivers. I bet those rims cost more than the car.

It took the driver about 1 hour to get us to food, only for the rest of us to realise later that it's THE FREAKIN PLACE WE WENT THIS MORNING!!!! Go round round round den suddenly took a wrong turn and ended up in no where. Damn...

Yeah, Jonker Street for dinner as well. Melaka sucks.

There's a head fake of sorts in during this trip. I spoke to a number of friendly strangers. There's one that I chatted for quite some time. Surprisingly is from around KL too, Subang it seems. He even gave me his number for further contact. LOL I seriously dunno wat to do with the number. Looks like a business man though with the blackberry and E72. Damn la didn't take a pic with him.

Due to this I'm seriously thinking of backpacking (maybe with another friend) to a foreign country with ppl that speak english. I really enjoy speaking to strangers. I love chats with no baggage.

Hate taking too many shots though. Took few hours to process ler... Ended up with around 4GB of pics, excluding the ones I deleted in-camera and after transferring to computer.


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