Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Ini Kawan

This is Eugene.

He's the fella who took over my old camera.

He loves it so much he's taking pics at all sorts of angles.

And he's damn proud of it.

In case yer wondering what we're doin out, here's a clue:

Damn those boring clouds...

It seems looking at the pics the next day really helps give the pics a second chance. Was gonna discard this the day before but look nice the next day.


Kar Mern said...

LOL!! Srsly epic. Later if he sees your comment maybe he'll kill me! HAHA!

And thanks for the comments :D I like the sneakers one too :D

Evelyn Chang said...

hah nice picta ;)

Jonathan Chin said...

Lol, when I come back let's go and do a photoshoot =)

Foo said...

oh hell yeah. When are you coming back?

Eugene Ho said...

Lol I'm seeing some progress here..ya know what i mean foo hahahaha im glad for you