Monday, April 5, 2010

Qing Ming

Ah Qing Ming. More reason to post pics.

There's this uncle who plays the violin during every Qing Ming. I think his parents used to enjoy listening him play the violin.

His son's turn.

On the left is my grandma, right is my grandpa. My grandpa died 3 months after I was born, so didn't really know him well enough. From the pics he seems like a cool guy though. My grandma died in 2008. I miss her ABC soup.

Safe to say 50% of the graves have firecrackers lit. They say it's like a door bell saying they are there to visit the ancestors.

Yes, that's an LV bag. The people beside us had a Merc.

There's this lady with super long hair. Dunno if you can see but the end of the hair is kept in her pocket.

Speaking of weird sightings, this guy had a mohawk. I think this is the first time I saw someone with a mohawk in real life. Not as cool as Puck's (Glee).

Ending liao drink wine.

This is at 55mm. Cropped. Edited a bit.

The traffic in and out of the cemetery.

There's this pork knuckle that's very delicious at my hometown. Got chance will eat.

Eat your vege!

All except last were taken wit 18-55.


Eugene Ho said...

all except last was taken with 18-55?lol u should make use of the bokeh-ness with ur 50mm

DJ Foo said...

Dei, i was walking around the grave site la. Can't just be locked onto one focal length only. LOL