Saturday, November 22, 2008

A close shave

I've always thought that there's a design flaw in RapidKL busses. See they make U70 busses all disabled-friendly after some disabled society made some demonstrations. Fine with me. But they made ALL U70 disabled-friendly. WTF? Hey common, disabled-friendliness as a part of community service, ok, but you don't make all of the busses disabled-friendly at the expense of the comfort of abled passengers.

Abled passengers of U70 had to stand every single time they hop on to the bus if it happened that there weren't any seats left at the back of the bus. But not once in my life I've seen any disabled passenger on board the U70.

See, the flaw in the disabled-friendly U70 is that they have these 2 HUGE compartments of which the purpose is unknown to me at each side of the front portion of the bus. This makes the passage from the ticketing place to the standing area a bottleneck. That passage is narrow and hard to stand.

See, today some Indons (around 10 of them to be exact) came onto the bus. At the same time some lady hopped on as well. So since the ticketing process takes some time, it's normal for them to crowd around the driver to get the tickets. The problem is that these Indons block the way of the women. I bet the women thought that it blockage was only temporary but boy was she wrong!

So the lady wanted to proceed to the standing area. The Indons surrounded her and trap her within the passage. So the women got stuck in there, surrounded by well-built Indons. Out of a sudden we hear the women shout "itu kaki saya!!!" and then some noise. I saw the woman pointing to her wrist showing something was missing from there. I guess it's a watch or something. Then there's the 'saya tak buat apa apa pun', but obviously he's not doin anything coz he's only BLOCKING her way. It was along Jalan Klang Lama that time heading for Mid Valley. The other Indons seemed to be doin nothing but they were actually trying to shield the gang from intereference.

The ring ringed at the MV stop. The gang of Indons were trying to leave but the bus driver intuitively sped off, stranding the Indons in the bus. But the Indons have something up their sleves. They pressed the emergency release button to open the door and fled the scene. 2 Indons were left in the bus, i think they failed to escape at the first attempt. The bus was going damn fast. But while heading to the police station, there was a traffic light. So while the bus stopped, the remaining Indon managed to run away coz he was holding the door back.

The driver drove the bus to the police station so that the women could make a report. It's sad to know that nothing could be done to return justice to the lady. C'mon, the Indons fled the bus in a highway. They would most likely survive the escape, and the dispatched force wouldn't arrive in time to trace the Indons.

So let's review. If it hasn't been the bottleneck the 2 HUGE compartments have created, the incident would have been prevented. The women would easily went through to the back part of the bus. If it was a normal seated U70, the indons wouldn't have had enough space to surround someone to rob, and they wouldn't have a place to trap someone.

And immigrants. I doubt there're any form of respect from them to us. C'mon, the gov would be more tham willing to accept these people as citizens by giving them easy PRs and give equal rights to us normal citizens. The gov was behind them. Nothing you could do about it.

Stereotype? Geeze I used to have some respect for the foreign workers when I was working at the phone shop coz 70% of my customers were them. Now I would have to think a few tiems before trusting them again. Obviously I would be more wary when travelling alongside Indons.

Remember, when you see a BUNCH of Indons in the bus, be prepared to defend yourselves or other ppl. It's a sign.

RapidKL, for the sake of publicity (having disabled-friendly busses), have their passengers ride in fear.

Pics I hav not. Dude if I take pics the Indons would happily snatch it away from me on their way down the bus, not to mention beating me up along the way.

See, there's nothing we can do about the incident. There were around TEN indons, all well built (construction workers?). A few of us wack them, the TEN of them would wack us back. I hit one of them once, 10 of them would wack me once. Each one once, I'll kena 10 times for the one wack I gave them.

Bravo to the drive though. Friend said metro drivers wouldn't give a damn about it.

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Eugene Ho said...

Dude..why didn't you whack the crap out of them with the taekwondo skill I taught them whos boss in this country LOL