Wednesday, November 5, 2008

It feels so good!!!

It feels so good.

3 things.

First - Year end exams are officially over, unless MUET is considered an exam, then it'll be officially over this Saturday. But by then I would have celebrated for 3 whole days already.

Maths was at least also can do la. Thank god for tuition?
Chemistry was great, until I got the results. Damn should've worked harder.
Physics can la, again until I got to know the results. Damn...
PA? LOL teacher's not givin back paper till next year. Go figure.

Second - Lewis Hamilton is the 2008 F1 Champion! Qualifying was already a breath taker. The finale was a heart stopper. Hamilton took P2 at the end of qualifying, den suddenly got pushed way back to P5 by Raikonnen and Truli. Den on raceday everything was ok until the final lap. The penultimate lap to be the decider. As Sportscentre put it: "Massa Champion for 38 seconds".

Last but not least:


By definition a landslide would be 350 electoral votes. Obama got 338 electoral votes while McCain got 163 votes (from CNN). But BBC had it Obama 349 vs McCain 162. That's closer a landslide victory by definition. Anyway, OBAMA WON!

His first speech as President Obama:

Part 1:

Part 2:

And no victory speech is without a concession speech by the former-opponen

It shouldn't take us another 200+ years to get to the stage where racial barrier is no barrier. Right now that seems to be the case.
It shouldn't take a nation aspiring to be a developed nation by 2020 to take 200+ years to break the racial barrier.
It shouldn't take a united nation 200+ years to forgo old, outdated mindset in seek of change.
Change should come now, but not with a liar in (our) office.
He lied to us about ABC4, he lied about bamboo helicopter.
Now he lies about the stim package for underValueCap and bardjet 2009.

We don't need another liar to be in office. We don't need another racist in office.
We need change. And it shouldn't take us long before we achieve the same feat as great as what the Americans achieved today.


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