Tuesday, November 11, 2008


So recently there's this craze among the few of us in class about the Rubik's Cube. It started when a friend bought JayChiauChiau's album that came wit one. We all juz took it and played wit it la, turn here turn there. Then MF started bringing one to skool (i think was since quite some time ago) and played wit it. The few of us played wit it w/o being serious about solving it actually. Then another friend came and said he can colve it within 4 minutes. That's when the fun begins. That excitement of seeing him solving layer by layer, inching towards completion of the cube simply overflows the circle of us. Then it started the enquiring and stuff.

Yep. Toys. It's juz a toy, juz reaching 25 years old last year. But how often have we forgotten the toys that made up parts of our childhood. The first time i had a toy that had to do wit puzzles was a tetrahedral rubik's cube thingy from KFC. I was around 5 years old that time I think. You noe, kids, not understanding a thing about the puzzle. Twisting it around tryin to figure out wut it takes to do wut it does. I juz realised how come I never resorted to pulling out the stickers and sticking it back into order? LOL

Mine. Yes it's new and this is the best I can achieve. One edge away from completing F2L.

I remember there was a time when ProYo was a trend. Everyone had one. Bumblebee la, honey bee la, wutever bee la, Glow-In-The-Dark la. Everyone played wit it. You can make all sorts of trick wit it. 'UFO' la, 'slingshot' la, 'bicycle' la. It even came to a stage where yoyos wit metal ball bearings and lights emerged, only to be taken apart by me to get to the ball bearings. They are attracted to magnets! Back to yoyo. I remember yoyo as 2 red flat plastic hemispheres joined together in the middle attached to a string. All you could do was literally 'yoyo' it. Now the kind of yoyo you get don't 'yoyo' anymore. It 'walks the dog' or 'goes around the Earth'. And yes, it was the kind of yoyo that got me thru my Std 5 - Std 6 time.

This was the last one. I had so many yoyos that got lost that this was the last one my mom said she's buying me.

*I was supposed to get a picture of the Tamiya Audley cars I used to play wit but dang I think my mom threw them away. Or it got lost in the grave of time. It was afterall just white engine...*

There was also a time where remote controlled cars were a trend, at least among me and my cousins. We would play remote controlled car racing games on PlayStation (yes, they have'em) but nothing could compare to the ol' clicky sounds of clicking on the remote controls itself. We would race the cars in the house, outside, down the stairs etc. We were so crazy about it that my cousin was so close to buyin petrol fueled ones. We were still primary skool students that time.

RC-in-a-Can, anyone?

What I'm sayin is that toys have been part of our lives when we were young. How come that we almost never touch them again when we were at our age now? The last time I opened that can containing the RC was easily 5-6 years ago. How come we never even once mention about these toys ever again. All we do is talk about pointless stuff like DOTA, or Counter Strike, or pRawn and stuff like that.

How come these objects that walked us thru our childhood days were forgotten juz like that? They were our happy moments. Why were they eventually thrown to the back of our head as we move on wit our lives?

Yes I noe ppl grow up and move on wit time but then, how come objects like toys that were part of our happy memories were forgotten so easily?

Or is it that we keep finding new toys to repace old ones?

No I did not shake a cup and made that die tower.

Is it that we find the same fun we used to find in toys, in other stuff that weren't 'toys' but simply became our new 'toys'?

P/S: No I have yet to solve the Rubik's Cube, let alone timing it.
P/S 2: I think my new 'toy' is muh Waja. Yes I noe, 4-speed, but damn does it roar!

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