Thursday, November 27, 2008

SUMBODAY BROKE INTO MAH HAUSE (room, to be exact)!!!

Was out on an adventure trip at Jeram Besu, Raub on Tuesday for 3 days. (For which the related post would be posted)

Today was the last day. While visiting a bean curd factory, mom SMS-ed. Said something happened to my room. I thought maybe some strong wind or storm ripped the windows away (coz i tot she was joking). The she said my room was broken into. I was like OMFG WTF!!! Thank god nothing was stolen.

It goes something like this:

Around 6PM Tuesday
Mom alone downstairs, everyone else out.
Heard noise. Mom thought was next door. (which was the noise the thieve made when punching a hole throught my ceiling >:(
Heard more noise. (Maybe thieve coming down thru the ceiling?) Started to panic. Opened door.
Opening lock made noise. Silence followed. (Maybe thieves realised ppl coming back into the house. Panicked, left)
Mom thought was probably next door.

Night. Returned home after goin out dinner wit dad.
Mom went upstairs. Thought about the noises.
Saw some debris (from ceiling) on the floor. The room door was partially closed.
Called dad. Checked room. Called police.
Mata-mata came and cleared the house and surrounding.
Mata-mata said thieve could've came thru neighbour's house. Unsecured.
Thieves removed tiles from the roof above my room and punched a hole thru the ceiling.

Nothing was stolen. Lappy was there. Savings was still there. Even the few bank notes i left on the table was untouched. Most likely amateur thieves. LOL. Mess in room though.

Reached home around 3.30pm today.

I think they thumped on the convection vents thingy.

Coz it was down. Beside it is the debris.

I think CSI didn't take the prints from the walls. Anyone interested?

Dust fell onto the rack I hang my clothes.

I shouted towards the ceiling when I first entered my room. LOL. Seems like we're getting a new alarm system.


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