Monday, January 5, 2009

Just when I thought there's nothing to blog about...

and all I have to do is look into my phone memory card and look at the pics I've taken over the weekend.

Old Kee Curry Puff off Petaling Street, near Hong Leong Bank. If you couldn't find it, ask the uncle near a hooker place. He'll offer you teen hookers when yer on your way back.

Some super random stuff. Went to Popular to get some books, and my friend was browsing some street food books. Saw some good food at Petaling Street and decided to have a try.

The curry puff was of gigantic proportions. Rm1.30 for one but it'll take you a while before you can finish it. Coz it's a lil big, and it's piping hot when they serve it to you. But the fillings are just amazing. How often you get to chew on chunks of chicken meat in a curry puff? How often you see a quarter of a hard boiled egg in a curry puff?

K it's not exactly gigantic la, but if normal 30 sen ones are size M, this is an L. There're bigger ones out there. XL I tell you.

Some road at my hometown.

Took a walk when I was back at hometown. It makes you wonder what if development was to wipe out all those old houses clean? The town was an old one, in fact it's one of the main places to stop by if yer travelling from Seremban to KL 50 years back. Today it's just an old town with some of the old buildings intact.

Some tea in a teapot la... NBTD.

I think I'm gonna make a time lapse video of the morning getting brighter and brighter as the year passes. Think I can do it manually taking pics off my phone from the exact same spot for the next 300 days?

Signs that you're trying too hard...

... in your English.

First day of skool. Feels a bit cool to walk among other younger students knowing that yer seniority far exceeds them. It's like if the bunch of indian kids that always play while walking blocks your road, you can juz look at them in the eye and utter 'ooi' and they'll shut up and go away. Sucks that the pressure is pouring in now. We actually flew past half of the integration chapter today!

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