Friday, January 2, 2009

Last of my teenage years

2009 has just started, and it's taking something away from me already.

In the fiscal year of 2009, I'll be living the last year of my teenage life. Yes, I'm fiscally 19, the senior year of teenage-hood.

Like everyone else, I reached teenage-hood at 13, but never really appreciated the title 'teenager' until I reach 16. Yes, the 'sweet sixteen' age. All the MTV shit has gotten into me, at that time.

Yea some might say 'LOL why are you gettin so sentimental over your age? It's not like yer physically losing something, right?'. But seriously, beyond 2010, I'll be categorized as an adult. Well a young adult la still, it's different from a 'teenager'.

I've never really done what most teenagers would've done. If doing what teenager's stuff was a paper, I would be getting a miserable C-. I wouldn't say I've not done teenager's stuff. I've:

- driven a car (and still driving!)
- gone karaoke-ing
- night-driving (well, at least around here? *thumbs up*)
- hit 150kmph
- made my own food
- have my own mobile phone
- got a job
- solved the 3X3 Rubik's Cube
- had fun wit internet meme
- et cetera et cetera.

But it is those monumental stuff that I have yet to do. I have yet to:

- get into a serious relationship (although this can wait till adulthood, but still...)
- pop a cherry
- get drunk
- introduce a foreign color to my hair (I wouldn't wanna do that though)
- stay awake 24 hours straight (no reason to)
- have interest in rock music instruments
- attend a live concert
- skip a day's class, sheesh not even a lesson
- confront a teacher
- get in a proper fight, man-to-man, complete with kicks and punches (and survive!)
- swim naked (LOL it's weird how this thought poped out of nowhere)
- break down over something that has great significance in my life
- take a plane on my own
- et cetera et cetera.

Ain't it a bit sad to have a list that long? Stuff that you would've thought a typical teenager would've done by now. Am I atypical? Or am I juz plain boring?

I think 19 year old is about the transition from teenage-hood to adult-hood. I guess I could only done so much that's 'teenage'.

So yea, 2009 will be THE last year I spend as a teenager. Isn't this the best part of the post to shove in a list of my resolutions?

Material ones:

- get a 3.2 megapixel camera phone (C702!). I like taking pics, but i have no idea why I do not like the idea of carrying around one of those proper cameras. I'm having the idea of changing my phone every 2 years. This is the time.

- maybe get a bicycle. A LeRun road bike would be awesome.

With that out of the way, some real new year's resolution:

- actually sit down and concentrate on pure studying for a continuous period of more than 2 hours per day for more than 3 month. I guess this is maybe possible by STPM. Just maybe...

- score (and maintain) an A in physics, maths and chemistry at least by mid term (I really hope this works)

- time management, specifially time spent online. I'm averaging 6 hours per day. DAMN... I think I'll come up wit a target now. Er... I'll cap it at 2 hour per day from now till March, 1.5 hours till August, 1 hour till October, and I shall purge myself all of internet urges in time for STPM. I need the time.

- have patience when listening to ppl talking. (which means letting people finish wut they are sayin)

- learn a new sport

- be able to make a full meal for my family, complete wit starters, entree and desert.

- remember roads to important places

- master the art of reverse parking (wit side mirrors of coz)

- less me-happy-time (it's sucking up all my protein and I've gotta take control of it)

- creating awareness among schoolmates about climate change (although the enthusiasm is less than before, I think I can make it. Of coz I'll still have a passion for driving).

Wow that was hard. Thinking of stuff you wanna accomplish by the end of the year. Well a list is a list I'll have to honour it. I've forgotten about past resolutions and possibly failed to accomplish it, but this time it's serious business and I wanna do it this time.

This is to 2009! I need all the help to accomplish my resolution.

P/S: I think I'm printing this out. Wouldn't wanna miss out that A for science papers.

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