Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Year's Day

New Year's day can mean a lot to people and mean differently to each and everyone of us.

The eve:

People gather around and take the chance to have their last fun of 2008

Couples sit together and look back at what a year they've been thru (good bad dunno la)

Some rush to finish their jobs in order to be in time for the countdown.

Some was forfeited their new year's eve privileges coz they have to work thru 12.

Some had their cars broken down on their way to the celebration.

Some sit at home in their cozy sofa tuned to the TV for the new year's eve programs.

Some take a breezy walk outside and trying to take a break before another turbulent year arrives.

Some juz sleep thru the near year.

As the clock strikes 12:

The world stopped for one second. And the cheer for a new year is heard.

Into 2009:

People greet each other a happy new year.

Those who missed the firework made it up with going around and wishing everyone a happy new year in a van, windows down, shouting it out loud, spreading the greetings.

Couples kissed and maybe have a new year's happy-time.

Some resolved their problems in time and hug and make out. And the van wit the kids shouting happy new year managed to drive past them and wish them a happy one as well.

Some finished work in time and celebrated the new year for the next few hours.

Some felt glad that they made the 2009 celebrations possible for other people.

Some continue to figure out wut's wrong wit their broken car.

Some watched ppl celebrate new year on TV, and be glad that they don't have to be crowded with them to feel the same.

Some was ready to take on the new year after a relaxing walk.

Some juz cursed at their neighbours for waking them up at 12 midnight.

So, how was your new year's celebration?

Did you catch the Taipei 101's 188 second firework show?

Or that daredevil motobike jump over the Arc de Triomphe? (the video description is cacat-ed la)

Or London's New Year fireworks show? (Highly recommended. With chimes from the BIG BEN!!! Watch in HQ!!!)

Hong Kong wants to show the world they can make fireworks as big as the ones in the Beijing Olympics. (It spans across the Victoria Harbour and Disneyland! WATCH IN HD!!! WORTH THE BUFFER!!)

However you celebrate your new year, year 2009 is another year of unknown and surprises.

Putting your finishing touches on your Pre-U exams?

Have fun in 2009. It's the only way of getting us to 2010.


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