Saturday, September 6, 2008

"The Bank Job (2007)"

Juz watched this movie. Gotta say it's one of the rare well-written films I've ever watched. Well plotted, although partly based on a true story of the 1975 Baker Street Robbery.

My friend introduced this movie to me in this way: "it's a robbery done by inside ppl". No Sai Hoong yer wrong... It's a robbery done by normal desperate robbers that involves loots of high-profile, and the nature of these loots are the main drive of the movie.

Never knew governments of the world had so much secret...

The movie's a lil gory when it comes to the torture part. DAMN... And there're some nudity coz one of the character is a porn king.

It's an English film. Kinda fond of films with the actors speaking wit a British accent these days. The accent in the movie's not heavy la, but the accent made it fresh.

It's something like Ocean's Thirteen. Juz wit more gore, and less intelligent planning. But it's well-written.

Look out for the plasma cutter.

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