Saturday, September 27, 2008

Breach-able ads.

Ads have been up for the Raya holidays in the newspaper. Some of them are quite... breach-able.

A keep safe ad.

Basically what you'd expect in this ad are advices on how to keep safe. Upon closer inspection:

So children are expected to not get into trouble by riding their bikes in that fashion? Sooner or later they would keep that style but do it on a motorcycle. Lt

Then there's one with money.

I guess with the enforcement officers out in the wild, more fortune is spent on duit kopi rather than duit raya. Once yer caught playing with fireworks (banned but ironically we have an international fireworks competition): " Err boss, you will be fined for dealing with banned substance. Since it's the raya festivals I'll settle it for you with a little duit kopi."

Happy holidays! You know you won't be happy coz the exams are stalking you right after the break.

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