Friday, September 5, 2008

This is What I Meant When I say...

The Sea Levels Are Rising, and accelerating...

[Quote from BBC News Website]

Sea level rise by 2100 'below 2m'

By Richard Black
Environment correspondent, BBC News website

Thames Barrier in the evening
A revamp of the Thames Barrier is likely as sea levels rise

Sea levels globally are very unlikely to rise by more than 2m (7ft) this century, scientists conclude.

Major increases would have to be fuelled by a faster flow of glaciers on the Greenland or Antarctic ice sheets.

But writing in the journal Science, a US team concludes that a rise of 2m would need glaciers to reach speeds that are "physically untenable".

However, even increases substantially less than 2m would cause major issues for many societies, they say.

"Even a sea level rise of 20cm (8in) in a century will have quite dramatic implications," said Shad O'Neel from the US Geological Survey (USGS).

"The current (sea level increase) rate is about 3mm per year. "
"Most of the ice comes off in glaciers. Scientists know that many of the glaciers have accelerated in recent years - some quite spectacularly. The Jakobshavn glacier in Greenland, for example, doubled its speed in six years to about 12km per year. "
[Complete Article Here. Dun worry, it's published today, so it's quite recent.]

Hrmm... It's highly UNLIKELY for the sea level to rise by 2 meter. It's like saying oil prices won't reach $300. There's a possibility, but unlikely. Any rise within that range should be anticipated. (Juz stating the obvious in case you dunno whether the report is for or against the cause of melting glaciers)

Let's do the math. The rate that will bring "dramatic implications" is 20cm per century = 20cm/100 years = 0.2cm per year = 2mm per year.
Current Rate = 3mm per year.
3mm per year (current) > 2mm per year (benchmark)
Are we heading for doomsday?

Quote from Holland's Wiki: "60% of its population located below sea level."

Quote from "Bangladesh, Pakistan and India have almost 130 million people living in the Low Elevation Coastal Zone who will be the most vulnerable to sea-level rise and coastal erosion as well as drought. "

Remember Langkawi? It has 99 tiny islands around it, most of it could only be seen during low tides.

Sea levels are accelerated by the act of increasing sea levels. More water = more place to store heat = more heat around glaciers/ice shelfs = more melting = more sea level rising. It's a never ending cycle and once sea levels increase, it accelerates. So it's getting faster and faster, unless we do something about it.

Still think climate change is nothing you should worry about? Think again.
The footprints you leave on Earth is more than what you think.
Do the right thing.

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