Thursday, September 18, 2008

News Portal It Is!

This is becoming a news portal...


Uganda seeking miniskirt ban

A woman wearing a miniskirt in Uganda
The minister said wearing a miniskirt was akin to going naked

Uganda's ethics and integrity minister says miniskirts should be banned - because women wearing them distract drivers and cause traffic accidents.

Nsaba Buturo told journalists in Kampala that wearing a miniskirt was like walking naked in the streets.

"What's wrong with a miniskirt? You can cause an accident because some of our people are weak mentally," he said.


"If you find a naked person you begin to concentrate on the make-up of that person and yet you are driving," he said.

"These days you hardly know who is a mother from a daughter, they are all naked."


[End Quote]

Full report here.

Alright, where are all the feminist groups?

This is something like the RM500 fine in our country when yer caught wearing 'skimpy' clothes.

Please don't take these eye candies away from us...

P/s: I created the title after the post. Go figure.


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