Saturday, September 20, 2008


Went for tuition at KL today. Saw this:

CR155. The font was so ambiguous that we thought it's some new model wit 'CRISS' as the name.

Fckin cun number plate. See? Our country has customizable number plates as well!

On our way back, on the bus, this made me disgusted at the way guys are dressin themselves:

Rule #3045: Do not put anything aunties wear on your body.
Rule#9954: Belts have a purpose, and yer supposed to use it to make sure your pants don't slip down.

Obviously this guy thinks his ass is too heavy and it needs some extra support, by usin some aunty-style+lala-punk-rock-style belt. Anyone dumb enough to realise the change in men's dressing pattern might think that this lad needs help wearing his belt coz the lad missed almost all of the 'ring' thingy.

My mom has a few of these belts, so I wasn't jokin:


On the same ride, Meng Yong noticed something on someone else's backpack:

The difficulty of breaching the bag without a pair of scissors sets the bar high. Or low?

And finally,
there's this ad around my house that's very... i dunno see for yourself.

First you look at the chinese sentence. It says 'borrow 1000, get 960'. WTF? If I borrow 1000, why should I be given only 960? Does it mean that if I wanna borrow 1000 i have to instead borrow 1040? "Ini teori ekonomi, siapa yang ajar begitu agaknya?"

Then you see a row above. It says 1%. Means wut? 1% interest? 1% reduction from the amount you borrow? If it's the former, then why should I even go borrow from the bank anymore? If it's the latter, 40 isn't really 1% of 1000.

Then you see the first row, "Home tuition". WTF? Do they even noe wut's home tuition? Wut does home tuition has to do wit borrowing money? Wut does home tuition have to do wit 1%? Maths ka? Hrmm maybe this is a cost cutting measure. 2 ads in one. First number connects to a home tuition teacher, second one goes to a money lender.

The last thing you notice is the fine print. It's some code that most registered ads have. Hrmm... Since when did the government approve ads for tuition, not to even mention money lending services? Are you sure you registered this ad?

Went to ramadhan bazaar after gettin off the bus. DAMN IT THE FOOD SMELLS FCKIN GOOD. Too bad didn't bring enough money. Bought ayam percik for Rm5. Expensive lar... But nice! I'm gonna get the murtabak next time.

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