Tuesday, December 2, 2008

*drip* *drip*

Ah gosh. Down wit this flu thingy i guess. Yesterday still has this water literally dripping from my nostrils. It's mucous, but its consistency is like water, so it drips. Damn...

Had some medication and the dripping stopped, but traded it wit some headache and slight fever plus some minor sore throat, and of coz blocked nose and snezing. Now my eyes are hurting, I guess from the full day of being online. The weather's hot and humid. I guess that must've gotta do wit it.

But I still managed to watch a few movies. Finally watched Rush Hour 3. Not as funny as the previous ones but still not that bad. Chris Tucker + Jackie Chan won't go wrong.

Casino Royale. I watched Quantum of Solace BEFORE Casino Royale, so I was caught in between while watching QoS. Finally got the whole story after CR. So Vesper betrayed James, but James loved her. I knew QoS was about revenge but had no idea why. And how come nobody told me that Bond got hit in the balls several times? He even neary got killed by some drug induced cardiac arrest. And this film was made 2 years ago! WTF how come I never knew that it was in the film?

Camille was hot on screen, but try googling her pics and... Well you'll know when you do.

And damn I think it's the wisdom tooth that's bothering me. It's growing sideways and it's sharp. So from time to time it'll close down and cut my inside cheeks. Damn it's so annoying I'm considering removing it. But damn all over the net they say it's painful la, face get swollen la, infection la this la that la. Shitz...

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