Friday, December 19, 2008


Went thru my photo collection folder.

Taken quite some time ago:

A spelling mistake in a book shop. The irony is that a spelling dictionary lies on the promo rack nearby. It doesn't spell 'Genaral' in it. LOL.

You noe HSM? You noe the craze revolving around tweens?

It wasn't really that much of a surprise that The Star ran an article on it. The cam is good enough to capture part of the photo article. Click on it to enlarge.

The only surprise came from:

LOL I noe the tune of the catchy songs gets stuck in your head, but you sing it EVERY FCKIN SINGLE DAY? Somebody needs to introduce him to rap music.

I wonder who's posters he collects. Vanessa Hudgens? (haveyouseenhernakedpicsohmygodtheyarehorrible)

Honestly I haven't watch HSM3 yet. I've heard that it's good though.


Ze ol' plastic jenga. I forgot wut you call 'em in english.

I realise I'm spending quite a lot of time playin wit my little cousins whenever we get back to our hometown. I'll play wit their little minds and have some childish fun wit 'em. But damn I actually got beaten in a game of jenga after a 5 match winning streak. THEY TEAMED UP TO FRAME ME! They're only 9 and 8 years old. LOL.

Ppl write emo posts, I take emo shots. Emo shot of mah kar. Badly composed. Aiks.
(I seriously need to mark up mah slang tok, lolkat iz eatin into mee)

Traffic camera. I wonder if it actually works. Or it's activated only when the red light's on?

Death sentence to Proton. He's even sure about it!

I never realised that my blog's passed the 200 post mark until a few days ago. It took me 3 months last year to get to 100, and this year 12 months for the next 100. I guess it's a slowing trend huh?

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