Monday, December 15, 2008


Been watching quite a few movies this break.

Watched The Day The Earth Stood Still. Had probs telling the ticketer the movie name coz it was too long.

Even the name was shortened on the ticket. Freakin RM11!

To be honest I knew nothing about the movie beforehand. I only knew it's something to do wit lots of futuristic CGI and natural disasters (poster looks like Day After Tomorrow. Or was it Before? I dunno didn't watch that one either).

And so I watched it anticipating another CGI + disaster movie. Turns out it was indeed full of CGI. Disaster? Kinda fictious though... Man 'borns' into Earth. Mission was to nego wit humans to spare Earth. Americans paranoid over more-superior civillisation. Refused talks. Man's father GORT unleashed bugs to eliminate humans. Man touched by rare example of human behavior. Sacrifices himself to save humans. Humans return to polluting Earth. Humans die.

Yes I made the last 2 lines out.

The only thing that interests me in the movie is 1) the vague message about environmental crisis and 2) the actress that plays alongside Keanu Reeves and 3) Jayden Smith. He's cute ain't it?

The fact is that I dun resonate wit fiction movies. See fiction movies are different from animation, of which I like (not japanese kawaii anime. No not those... I'm talkin about the REAL kind of animation, Pixar Dreamworks kind. Even cartoons will do for me). Animation is meant to be man made. Fiction movies, on the other hand, is trying to mix reality and fiction. C'mon, we all know it's impossible to heal yourself quickly by smearing placenta on your wound. Yes there're stem cells in placenta and research is underway but it's still fiction to see a wound heal up so quickly.

My point was made when all we talked about when we left the cinema was about the CGI the actress (gorgeous but forgot her name :-P) and the funny bits (look out for Klaatu speaking mandarin). Fine maybe it's juz about this particular movie that lacks substance (it's full of chemical substances though, one was even named 'classified' or some sort). But seriously overall in fiction movies, there is rarely substance (note, love is not substance, please. Love is an over-exploited theme that even Disney movies that are supposed to appeal to tweens have. Gosh wut do tweens noe about love. Again, movies, not cartoons. Aladin and Sleeping Beauty is allowed to break the rule).

Another point I would like to make is that movies meant for comedy is not categorized as fiction. Bruce Almighty. It's funny. There, point made. For comedies all rules are allowed to be broken. This is where hero movies and comedies separate. Hero movies try to imply some kind of moral value or story, but it just doesn't connect. It's fiction. That's it.

Want moral values? Watch Crash. Want story? Watch World Trade Centre. Movies that are meant to be applied to real life, not some fictious blood-sucking lengzai flying around.

EarthDay got 2 stars from TheStar, Twilight (of which I haven't watch and have no plans to watch) got 1 star. Cry, Twilight fans, cry. Read the last 3 paragraphs of the cutout on Twilight. Transporter got 2 star as well. Action movies, no comment. Action ma, rules allowed to be broken. The movie is made to showcase action-packed-ness.

I'm lookin forward to Yes Man. Jim Carrey won't go wrong. He even did the bungee jump stunt himself! Quote: "That's the first time an actor is replacing a stuntman." Saying Yes, man...

Oh yea watched Madagascar, the first one. Sequel not yet watch. Like Chris Rock said, "talking animals won't go wrong". I think Pixar and Dreamworks make animationa in 2 parts: 1 part to satisfy the kids, 1 part to satisfy the adults. Funny and cute bits to entertain the kids (of which the lines do not matter), and deep meaningful parts for the adults. Go back and watch Toy Story (1 and 2) and you'll noe.

Oh yea. Dun mix sci-fi and fi together yea. Sci-fi is meant for science fiction thingy. I'm juz furious about fiction movies. Wait, is The Day the Earth Stood Still Sci-Fi? Shit I juz freakin contradicted the entire post wit juz one sentence. WTF...

I'll try to twist this back to my favour.

Erm, fiction movies shouldn't mix reality with almost impossible scenarios. (fuck isn't that why it's called fiction?). I say if wanna make fiction movies, make everything fiction, at least most of it.

Did I juz phailed?

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