Sunday, December 14, 2008


LOL Haven't been updatin often. (coincidentally, most blogs that I follow start their posts with the same thing. The semester break does break the rhythm of blogging huh?) Whenever I come online, somehow I'm able to spend hours watching Top Gear clips on youtube (there, another famous keyword that you google stumblers can rely upon to redirect to this blog. Juz in case you really were redirected to this blog by the keyword 'Top Gear', k you can leave now coz your hit has already been recorded).

LOL Bill was the first Prime Minister of the USA. Many more to be named by Astro.
(The mistake was corrected by the time the talk was aired)

Does it really take an outsider to tell us who or what we are and what have we accomplished and could've accomplished? Despite payin someone some bg bucks to tell us the obvious, I doubt most of the audience couldn't give a damn about wut he said.

A cute little baby cockroach my friend found when we were out for dinner. It's cute ain't it? We found it in a cup of chocolate. Tot it was undissolved choc powder. It even has it's legs and anttanae intact! Great job!

So few days ago ylup said the moon would be the brightest. I see no difference. Another friend sms-ed me about the phenomenon. I checked again. Biggest in 18 years? I bet the same thing was reported last year, and the year before, and before...

Yesterday dropped by the the PC Fair after tuition. (YES I noe it's not the pic of the PC Fair, it's the pic when we're to GO to the PC Fair).

Booth babes were scarce. Yes they might be wearing hugging outfits, but still...
Dell babes were the best though. The Dell promos... Not that convincing.

Thumbdrive prices are tumbling. Early this year I bought a 4GB for Rm50. Now you can get an 8GB for the same price. I project 16GB to be RM50 at the end of next year and 32GB be Rm50 at the end of 2010. Wanna bet?


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