Sunday, December 28, 2008

Things my parents will take as an equivalent to taking drugs

Things my parents will take as an equivalent to taking drugs:

- driving manual
->reason: 'manual so mahfan. You need to keep changing gears. Summore your hands all occupied already! If drive auto so good! You can answer phones! You try drive manual to KL and see.'

- driving fast
->reason: 'aiyoh... drive so fast for wat? I noe my car can go fast, but so wat? Afterward got anything happen den how?'

- driving (light equivalence to drugs)
-> reason: 'aiyo... nobody drive meh? Your friends cannot fetch you meh? Only you can drive meh? Aiyo so mahfan... You goin to fetch who?'

- gettin a gf
-> reason: 'aiyo so young why you wan a gf la? next time you finish study already, den you find a good job, earn lots of money, den girls will line up in front of you la. Study first laaa.'

- watching porn
-> reason: I have no idea but it has been since we've got internet. Quite reasonable but seriously the fear of it is like gettin caught takin drugs. LOL. Shhh....

- swearing
-> reason: I once said 'knock gau the fella', and got a stern stare. 'Gau' is not even a swear word, it's like an emphasiser to a word, mostly swear words.

- cycling
-> reason: 'aiyo... outside so many cars... so dangerous... Aiyo dun wan la. I noe you 3 minute heat one. Buy already put where? Aiya no need la. Very dangerous ah.'

- not turning the fan off after I got up (okay this is overdoin the list LOL)
-> reason: 'oi, *looks at fan wit a chin jerk*'

LOL I know a few of the stuff I listed were reasonably opposed by any sane parent, but the rest is juz unnecessary worry, right?

And the same thing has been opposed for pretty much everytime I bring it up. EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.

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