Friday, October 19, 2007

Comparing old and new

Ok I'm doing a comparison b/w the old phone and the new phone, camera wise.
*You noe this blog is becoming a photoblog after I bought the new phone, right?*

6630, view from my room (cannot take the direct opposite or not kena sue for voyeurism)

I guess the difference is not the obvious. But click den you noe la... It's in the details...

Color capturing ability. The floor.

Note the color difference. (I think the new phone made the floor look new)

Text capturing ability. The idioms I was reading a while ago...

Please, click to see the difference. You will be amazed.

I just have to post this pic. Ahh... Macro magic...

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1 comment:

AbouT miiEE =D said...

u ah~~~ camera only!! cheyy!!=P!! LC liao now =P!!