Thursday, October 18, 2007

I'm lazy la....

There, I said it. I'm kinda lazy to update the blog these few days. Taking my time to laze in the holidays while I still can.

Since I'm taking a lot of pictures these few days, might as well show it off a little.

EDIT: There seems to be a conflict b/w the pictures and the template. Juz click at the pictures to view the 'full' picture la. The template covered up around 20% of the left side of all my pictures.

To YLup: I dun take pics for documentation, if you noe wut i mean... It's an interest my friend...

hahaha... Trying to make it look like a part of an old building...

My best shot to date (or at least I think). Not bad huh? Notice how I made the background blurry to highlight the subject? hehe...

Another shot.

Shot taken at the new Giant Bandar Kinrara.

It's big. But boring at the same time. Dude wut else can you do at a hypermarket? It will always be wut it is. Something like a mini IOI Mall, minus the Popular and cinema, and the occasional leng lui. And it's freakin cold there. Ain't the janitor or manager doin anything?

Ok I need your help to see which shot is nicer:


Or this?

Alternatively you can click the link to my flickr page.

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Anonymous said...

lolz...need a not that also want to take picture on ? Kindda wasted your 2MB phone la if you just took those junk...Anyway just up to you your interest =)

AbouT miiEE =D said...

teehhheee~~ =P show show show~ i know my camera spoil liao~~ =P