Wednesday, October 3, 2007

This is getting out of hand...

It's obvious that classmate-bloggers are sprouting like mushrooms after a rain (do mushrooms sprout?). One after another, everybody wants to be a blogger.

A few of us are distressed over the fact that a few of our fellow rookie bloggers are blogging in a way that is not to the comfort of them. Well let's take a look at the few type of blogs that are common among us:

The first type, the online diary type. I think this is the most common type. Ppl 'blog' about their daily activities, literally logging them (hehehe i do it sometimes too...) like a log book. Well, to my understanding this style doesn't quite gain the acceptance of some of the more... erm... senior/prolific bloggers around. It seemed to them that it's practically pointless to log every detail of their daily activities as no one would actually care about it.

My say is that well, maybe they wanted to have their hands on 'online diary'? You noe, sharing wut they've done, wut they wanted to do... It's nothing wrong bout it ya noe...

The second type is the 'brain food' type. These blogs consists mainly of food for thoughts. Its bloggers share their thoughts (like wut I'm doin now) about an issue or a topic. This type of blog is not common as it would be a bit rare for ppl to actually think about an issue and voice it out on the net, sharing it wit fellow bloggers. This is more of a 'thoughts interaction' blog as readers would reply to these posts to further discuss the topic with the blogger.

The third type is the documentation/collection type. These blogs mainly consists of collections of pointless pictures, linked videos and even poems that are posted mainly for the sake of collecting and etc. There're also photoblogs that ppl blog thru photographs, vlogs that ppl narrate or make a video as a substitute for typing.

The forth type is political type. Nothing much about this type la. Ya noe, political propaganda la wut else...

My point is, there are many types of blogs out there. Bloggers have to tolerate, respect and accept (in no particular order) other ppl's blogs as it is their style of blogging. For something that someone likes, there's no guarantee that nobody that will dislike it. The same goes with something that someone hates a lot and there's also no guarantee that nobody will like it. There will always be haters and like-ers. They co exist. The wonderful thing about modern mass media is that if you dun like it, close it, block it or dun even open it at the first place. Done. Everyone has their right to blog as to their style and way. There's really no need to specifically criticize a particular blog juz coz it's not to your reading likes, coz at the same time, there might be ppl having the same feeling towards your blog.

This is what I call acceptance. The willingness to accept differences is a valued quality.

Another thing I've known about the recent rise in blogs is for being 'trendy' or 'up-to-date'. It has come to my knowledge that some ppl start blogging just coz 'my friends has it'. This is a bad bad way to start blogging. I'm not against ppl to start blogging, in fact it's good to blog. But to start blogging juz coz your friend has it is not an excuse to start using up the precious internet resources (yes, the internet is a resource too, wiki it out). It's really pointless to blog a few posts and eventually stop blogging coz you hadn't developed the passion for blogging. Really. Blogs that are started in a hype/reasons-other-than-actually-blogging usually die off within a month, the longest being 3.

Blogging is something like an actual writing, just in electronic form. You need a passion for it. Of coz dun get too passionate until you spill too much and land yourself into trouble.

Blogging is more of sharing of thoughts and events. It would be very pointless if all the posts were about the same thing (logs of reoccurring events).

This is what I call being rational, or rather, being individualistic. Be yourself, and not a trend trailer, trailing behind a trend that you would eventually lose out coz you dun have a passion for it.

Flames welcomed.


Jonathan Chin said...

Shaddup bitch.

I don't like the first type. Nuff said

The internet is somewhere I can voice out my opinions. I want to say the blogs suks, den live wif it laaaa. They're more than welcome to flame me back. Guess I'm not tolerant. Bleh. Too bad for the bitches out there.

LOL. Yala yala, i know la. Acceptance ma. I'm jz pissed that people just write bout stupid pointless stuff like " i slept at 9. woke up at 5, did homework. NOBODY GIVES A FUCK LAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA. You don't have to write bout stuff like what's our importance in the world or anything deep la. Just not something so...stupid. Darn, if there's a big event or something special happened, by all means, blog about it. But seriously, which blogger doesn't blog to attract his/her's readers attention? And really la, no reader enjoys reading bout how you went to the toilet and what colour your crap is. (Unless your y lup =)

Jokin la. Wtv, I'll stfu, its up to you guys how you want to blog la.

YAY. I"m blogging on your blog. Can I do it daily?

DJ Foo said...

yer welcomed. Juz no poems...

Anonymous said...

hmmm....still don really understand where u all get the fun and passion blogging... anyway i wont say tat blog is gay or anti-blogging coz since u all quite into it...anyway , jon seen like quite enjoy shooting me in internet ar , no matter whose blog or where de wor...=.= (ylup)

lucky_angel said...

totally agree on this, foo zhuk..
anyone can post annything they want on their blog because "it's my blog" (quote from jon's blog. hehe)

MunFai said...

well,blogging do hav their own attractions,but for those tat blogging like their diaries,haha,bit lame.

for those who was sharing their food thoughts or musics etc was still ok.but i think our classmates-bloggers are not into it.