Sunday, October 7, 2007

If you think the 5 hours of undang is long, think again...

Woke up at 7.30 to prepare. Actually nothing to prepare also, bawa badan cukup la... Ate 2 slices of bread and watched some tv before I left for amali.

Waited at the driving school for the guy to pick up. So this time we weren't to go to the previous place where I went for the 5 hour undang thing. This is time an old place at damansara (hahaha actually dunno where is it but read the wordings there la, heck around the place can only see "MBPJ"). Whoa this time I'm the only one taking amali, 3 more students are goin for undang. The amali class got a few leng lui also oh... YLup, you missed it all...

So the procedure is something like this:
- You arrive.
- You fill up a simple form.
- You have your fingerprints scanned.
- You proceed to the lecture room and sit there for 6 hours.

Well not exactly 6 hours la. The first 3 hours is something like the undang thing. Talk talk a bit la. Simple explanation about stuff on road la. The next 3 hours is the practical lecture. It's so 'exam-orientated' that they even brought in the checklist that the actual JPJ officers are going to use to give you marks.

The whole license thing consists of 3 tests:
- Bahagian I (computerized)
- Bahagian II (Slope, parking and 3 point turn)
- Bahagian III (on-the-road drive test)

Bahagain II and III are the real driving la. You'll get your L License after amali which is after you passed your bahagian I. II and III is done on the same day. Means like the candidates are divided into 2 groups, the first one do bhgn II and the other do bhgn III.

Aiks the first 3 hours is full of bull crap. The guy's funny la but it gets boring after awhile, especially when you haven't had lunch yet. Glad that it was over.

I planned wit the clerk so that I take my lessons in December. She say she'll process my L License around mid-November so that it won't expire so early.

Oh yea bad news YLup, next year onwards JPJ will test candidates on the pre-driving check. Something like check engine oil, brake oil and stuff. Have fun!

P/S: The Koo Kien Kiet/Tan Boon Heong doubles pair got back into shape! They won the Macau Open against another malaysian veteran pair, Choong Tan Fook/Lee Wan Wah 2 sets to 1.


Anonymous said...

What the,,,are u serious? more test for the road to get a driving license ar...T.T


AbouT miiEE =D said...

hey~ deh... steps correct doesn't mean anything man~ even malaysian bolwers kena before =D haha!! nope~ bengkak kao kao~ not ok yet neh =D

AbouT miiEE =D said...

heyyzz!! update nehh~~~