Wednesday, October 24, 2007

The final 'pickup'.

It's less than 3 weeks till 'D-Day'. All the studyin done in the past 11 years (started from 1+1=3, right?) will be for that day. All the miseries we've gone through, all the competition we've been in. It all doesn't matter anymore. Coz now wut matters the most is this: SPM cert, aka O level studies.

I might be making it sound big here. But it does mean a lot to me (me, us, wutever). Well I dun wanna see 11 years of sweat, blood and brainpower go down the drain just like that, right?

I've been trying everything. From making an effort to do add maths, to making a timetable that I wish I'm able to follow.

I think I'm not coming online until SPM finishes. I thought of making it a once a week online thing. Well we'll see. This might sound early but to all SPM 2007 candidates out there, I wish you the best of luck for SPM (you def need more than juz luck), and shall your dreams come true. And of coz get your eyes off this monitor you're staring at right now and lay it on your biology or sejarah text book instead.

Not to forget, I'm in the process of making this a photoblog, so here goes, shot of the day, fresh from the rain juz now.

If you could just click on it you'll see veins in the water drop. I realised it after looking at it on the monitor. Seriously it wasn't my original intention.

So there you have it. Hey if ya still reading this, remember that your future is in your hands. Don't blow it! Go do revisions!!!

P/S: Gosh I really dunno wut to write in the paragraphs before the picture. So if it sounds weird, you noe that i'm desperate to throw something in there...

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Anonymous said... is not vein for water droplet just the background imagine that had being diminished and inverted... Anyway...good luck in your SPM and study hard ya =)

AbouT miiEE =D said...

YUp!!!! jia you jia oyuu!!=)!!