Sunday, August 19, 2007

Bulatan itu berbentuk segi empat...

So like woke up at 6.45 to have breakfast wit y lup (his name will be appearing a lot in my blog) at Sri Meenas. Had tosai telur bawang. First time having something indian for breakfast and i shall say i'm not disappointed. As opposed to wut i use to see dudes having at the mamak near my skool, this one is full of onions, loads of it you'll think it's onion sandwich.

After breakfast went over to the driving skool to wait for the guy to bring us to the HQ at Bukit Kemuning. Actually dunno where la, heard them say it, anyway it's near the HUGE Proton showroom (?) with some kind of car research centre beside it one (something that sounds like 'cost management analysis centre' or something like that). It's kinda deep into an area where it's kinda of far from the city. Well it's logic coz you dun wan newbies bumping into you every now and then, duncha? The first thing that caught my eye as we approach the institute was a whole bunch to bikes turned on with it's lights on...

That little puff of smoke in the picture there is in fact the exhaust fumes from the bikes. This was a while after they turned off some of the bikes. Before that it was like smoky! BTW the area in the picture is the place where future legal rempitters were being tested. It's something like an obstacle course wit cones and a random dog coming out (it wasn't really there but we happen to notice a dog nearby at the motorcar test area).

Went into the building. Sat at the waiting area den filled some kind of form and got a book (seems like there's an official name for this thing - 'Pendidikan Pemandu' or for full 'Kursus Pendidikan Pemandu (KPP) ' ). Got into the bilik kuliah den waited summore. Den there's this process we had to go thru where we have to fingerprint something (digital lerrr). It so happened that my IC couldn't get thru (OMG...) and I have to buy (RM10) another card so that the computer can use it to enter my data. And it so happened that y lup's also couldn't get thru. And it so happened that the whole room was holding the same red card as I'm. Only a few held on to their ICs. Makes you wonder... So like the guy came in and intro-ed us to the basics of driving and the rules and the regulations and the process and the type of license and macam macam lagi la... When it was getting bored (it was boring the whole time, was like 2 hours into his talk), he said that we could take a rest and come back in a few moments.

When we got back it was another lecturer this time, a lady. Thank god this lady now knows how to give a talk. It gets quite interesting when she's explaining about the KEJARA thingy, and type of licenses (11 types man!!!) and emergency and stress management and more la. Den around 1.45pm the lecture ended. While waiting for the guy to pick us up i looked around. Then my sight laid on the motorcar test area. God damned it we have to go up a mini hill?! Sheesh...

Got back home at around 2.30. Ate the chicken rice on the dining table. I thought of doing my revision and i did, well i did 2 add maths questions on trigonometry identities. Gave up and watched some TV den came on9.

Quote of the day: Seseorang pemandu hendaklah sentiasa bearada dalam keadaan stabil. Adalah tidak digalakkan untuk dia memandu ketika dia marah atau 'high'.

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