Thursday, August 30, 2007

Now the Merdeka Post

Today's the eve of our beloved country's 50th independence day. Many issues have been raised prior to today and tml. Among others the freedom of speech is being tested, and failed miserably. We also see how active our governing body has become, as the GE is approaching. Drivers along the KL strip would also be furious as the roads around Dataran Merdeka has been closed for rehearsals. What else can we ask for?

I'm a typical guy, so here comes a post with a typical content. What do I wish for the good of Malaysia in conjunction of it's 50th Independence day?

1) Malaysians! Stand up and speak up! This is a democratic country! We shouldn't be the one being bullied by the officials! C'mon, everyone knows that building a house needs some kind of document...

2) Malaysians! Fight for your right to speak up! The government needs to listen to us. Don't let them stop us from voicing out! They are trying to silent all critics! It's our country! It's out right to speak up!

3) Malaysians! Make more racial jokes! Please? We're taking this race thing too seriously! C'mon, even my fellow friends approve of the magical video that had caused a stir. Are the big guys trying to do something coz the GE is here, again? If yes then please, banish any elections so that we can live peacefully.

4) Malaysians! Stop giving kopi'o 's! This is the reason why we can't prosper!

5) The football team! Please, do something!! Don't you feel ashamed? I believe our football history is so much older than the chinese team's, yet we get beaten by them like carrots.

6) The ruling body! Please give bloggers more freedom! Us Malaysians are matured enough to filter what is good and what is bad on the internet!

7) The censorship board! Please stop banning movies! We noe wut's a good movie and wut's a bad movie! If the movie contains explicit materials, rate it 18-PL la... Why ban it or censor it? We paid the tickets for the movie!!! Not somebody to say some thing den in the middle suddenly slient/bleep! Not somebody doin something den suddenly jump to another scene!!! We're grown up enough! If the censorship board censors any film again I'm gonna **** them for accusing us for being immature and not able to think for ourselves. They are underestimating our mental maturity! We wanna watch an Oscar-winning cowboy movie!

Hey if you think that my post is explicit, it's coz i wrote it out of boredom. Don't sue me, saya takda duit...

Happy Merdeka Malaysia.

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