Friday, August 24, 2007

Never felt like this in a week!

I WOKE UP EARLY TODAY! Well it's not self initiated though... Had to go for tuition at 9... Guess today will be a 16 hour day (woke up at 8, maybe sleeping at 12, so 15 hours... Wow...).

Went for tuition on an empty stomach. Aww... Should've drank a cup of milo first... Went around looking for buns during the 15 minute interval...

So like after i came back home, had lunch and did SPM 2004 (hey i'm makin progress already!) paper 1. Damn why i never learn from mistakes ar? This time got a bit worse lo...

Got bored den i cleaned by skool bag. Found the paper wit the instruction for Add Maths project. So since add maths was still floating in my brain, i gave it a try. It's a progression thing that involves a lot of repeated calculation. So like i tried a bit den realized that it's all connected. So like... Hehe i'll leave the rest of it for tml...


Hrmm... I dunno why but i always have this feeling that someone or somebody is lying to me. It's like, i dunno, i feel that things ppl say are so fake or so not-from-the-heart or there's something else behind it. It's like, anyone or anybody might just abuse the trust you have for them and do something bad behind you, or say something bad behind you... Is this the feeling you call 'insecure'? Maybe... Coz i always feel that there's someone somewhere that is taking my trust for them for granted and is tellin lies... Maybe... It's juz maybe...

Heck, a lot of shyt had came out whenever i have this suspicious feeling towards the world... Hrmm... Can't the world just be more, sincere and appreciative and more honest?


Just watched Dr. Strangelove: How i learned to stop worrying and start loving the bomb. It's a 1964 film about the cold war. It's in black and white but i was surprised by the amount of detail the camera caught. Just got confused by the weather coz sometimes daytime scenes look like night time... Anyway it's one of the films that got a 100% rating Certified Fresh from Rottten They say it's a comedy so i got it and watched it. Maybe it was too old or something, but i didn't quite get a lot of laughs from this film.

After watching the film, i (as usual) went to Wiki and read about it. Den only i realised that there's so much to the whole film that i didn't get. Much like the maksud tersirat in the malay literature we study in skool. I mean, heck, people in the older days do know how to make an intellectual comedy, too intellectual for me la perhaps... Heck some of the jokes involve spanish (supposedly there's a place's name that means 'the whor*')!

K watever la this post is going into home plate already la... 3rd base now... Adios!

P/S: I wish baseball was more widely played in M'sia... Go Yankees!

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