Sunday, August 19, 2007

My F*CKIN sluggish 6630...

[*sry can't put pic of it here coz it can't really take a pic of it's own, right?*]

I got this phone when I finished taking my PMR. My parents agreed to award me Rm2000 if i get straight A's in my PMR. After the exam I was kind of not confident whether what will come out. Den few days later my mom brought me to IOI Mall. She brought me to the cell phone shop to look around. Den she asked me which one i wanted (coz i've been making noise about getting a new phone for quite some time already). I asked why. She said whether i'm confident wit myself or not. She said if i wanted to buy the phone now it's ok, but i'll have to settle the balance in case my result was not good enough to pay for the phone. With a new phone in mind (and also my personal bank at stake) I said 'why not?'. So i picked the 6630 coz at that time (october 2005) it was said to be the most stable phone with the highest stability. It was priced at Rm1400.

Within a few months it dropped to Rm900 and stabilized at Rm800+. NVM the price drop. As long as i'm happy wit it it's good la. With add ons like a maroon cover to preserve the original casing (it's worth Rm150 at least!) and 2 memory cards (once a 256 and now a 1GB), I fell in love wit it. I filled it with my favorite tracks and listened to it very frequently. I also picked up a new interest - photography as i started to get used to the built-in 1.3 mpx camera. I snapped thousands of pics over the past 2 years. Messaging with it was also a breeze and within a few months of using it i've become one of those thumbing-throughout-dinner kids. With a 1GB memory card, who needs to delete anything?

So now it's already 2 years old. With junk accumulating (memory card used up 800+ MB and up to 2000+ undeleted msgs up from 2006), it's used-to-be-responsive responsiveness is now gone. What left is an at-least-1-minute-to-boot-up phone that takes around 10 seconds to open an incoming msg. Back then when it started to get sluggish, all it did was some occasional one-shake vibration when a msg comes. Now, it's barely able to notify me whenever there's a msg. I had to enter the inbox to check whether i've got any new msgs or not. You noe that envelope icon nokia smartphones have at the right upper corner juz below the battery indicator whenever a msg comes in? Now it never shows up. Now even a glow, not even a shake. It juz stays there, idle. This is how sluggish it is. Y lup always joke about my phone unresponsiveness and i couldn't but agree.

As you noe men are never satisfied with what they have (same goes to girls, but today the subject is the men), I have been looking up for info about other phones as early as the day i got the 6630. What I have in mind as a replacement is the SE W810i. It's a walkman phone. It's a non-smartphone phone. It's kinda cheap (Rm800+). It's got autofocus (makes so much difference i tell you). It's smaller. It's... Damn it i juz want the god damned phone la ok?

So like, any suggestions?

This is the first of my many rants about stuff to do (and sometimes nothing) wit me.

EDIT: So now, if i ever ever reply late, you noe wut actually happened... It's not that i wanted to...

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Go On said...

tehhee~~ nowander u yesterday complaining about your hp lah~ yeap~ buy 810 lah~~ =D about the hit counter~ i very dee liao de nehh~~~ dun know why de ~~ sometimes got sometimes no de nehh~~!! sighh~~