Thursday, August 30, 2007

Merdeka Eve

Wut's your plan for merdeka countdown?

So since today we didn't stayback today (coz apparently aunty ain't fetching despite us PAYING) we went back home. Mom didn't prepare my lunch, so went out for lunch wit y lup. We talked about where to go tonight and we've narrowed down some choices:

1)Go to BK and watch the fireworks there. (coz maybe the last year in BK liao, not coming back here anymore...)
2)Go to meenas and celebrate it wit mamaks. (near and the atmosphere might be ok)
3)Stay at home and like jon said, mass convo and watch youtube vids of fireworks while countdown PM style.

Ok let's look at the halangan we have:

1) BK very mah fan coz far and at night no bus liao...
2) Mamak dunno anybody there...
3) Stay at home meh? Form 5 where got ppl stay at home and celebrate merdeka one?

Any suggestions?


Haiz... I'm done investing my emotions already. Seriously I'm very bored. Bored by your ignorance, bored by your naive-ness, bored by wut you claim 'who-you-are'. I'm officially DONE.


Hrmm... If any of you bastards spill of the revival of my blog to the shit-brained school teachers, i curse you to have no girl/boyfriend for the rest of your lives, resulting in you having no wife and no free sex for life. Pay for AIDS-prone sex if you're gonna screw my life once again.

And I do mean it...

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AbouT miiEE =D said...

Foo ahh!! dun soo geram liao de lahh~~ think soo much also nothing u will gain de lah okies ? =D hehe yeah actually form 5 must go out and countdown de mahh~~ but go mana ? i got bbq at neighbour!! =D hhehe lai join wo lah!!