Tuesday, September 18, 2007


It was quite a funny day today. Really. Coz usually if got add maths the atmosphere will be a bit different one, but today it's not...

Surprisingly enough most of the class had the 'modal paper' already. And as expected those who got it was like so kiasu only keep on doin the question like there's no tomorrow. If i'm not mistaken they are trying to remember the steps and sutff so that it's easier for them afterwards...

By the time paper 1 started, i heard mumbles. "Wah, really the same ah!". Yea, wut else? The department so free publish other editions of the paper meh. Of coz it's the same, and i think you've got the answers already.

Well nothing much i can say about them la... Aiks if science papers you need tips i can understand coz it helps to narrow down the scope to study la. But add maths? C'mon you muz be kidding me... Is this the way yer treating yourself after 2 years of studying add maths? Despite all the hard work in trying to understand the subject better, goin to tuition and stuff, yer settling for 'model papers'?

I dunno la. Wutever my result is for add maths this time, i'm gonna be satisfied. Not coz i didn't 'tip', but i did my homework and had a great time answering the questions using my brain power. Thank god i took the initiative to start doin exercises for add maths after the 3rd test, or not i might be one of them who settled for 'model papers'.

Whoa one paragraph longer than the other one liao, time to stop la. Adios!

Astrologically speaking, stars are round, not pointed...

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a070615 said...

you all got the papers earlier
deng u all la!!!
i do until head crack!!!