Friday, September 14, 2007

Weekend break

Week 2 of Trials over. Now 2 more exam days left until the waiting starts.

Day starts off wit ppl no mood to study. Aiks wut else la... So it's more of a talk and chat around day la... Dudes even sat down and tell jokes one by one. Being someone who can't quite bring up the whole laughter, I sat there quietly and listened loh... There were some not-so successful jokes la. Mostly coz most of us either heard it before, or juz didn't get it. And there're some that can still bring laughter no matter how many times we've heard it.

Lotta stuff happen around la, but i think it's best for me not to talk about it la. It's not like i'm directly involved or wut...

Are you successful in fasting? Try meditating. Helps conserve energy. Can reflect on your life at the same time.

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