Wednesday, September 26, 2007

I was running away from *subject*, for the first time

Well not really the first time la. But never felt so motivated to run away from *subject*. And I do mean literally running away. Those who were in the same van as me knew wut happened la... Aiks...

Event of the day was def me shouting at my friend. I shall disclose the case:

Y'all know that he was in bad mood, right? So like few of us tried to cheer him up loh, which kinda failed la (dunno la real or not). Den it came to BM and we were given some stuff to do. Den we had to exchange papers to mark loh. Got one question he was trying to be funny la. Ppl there say if right den tick, if wrong den put a cross, and correct the sentence. This guy think very funny you noe. He tick (means correct) den underline and correct the sentence wor. How the fuck am i supposed to mark? He said he was 'gambling' or something like that. So i put wrong for him loh (coz the sentence is wrong and we should mark is 'wrong' by putting a cross instead of a tickma). And wanted to change and answer but i refused la. But heck i gave him marks for correcting the sentence (i dun think he knows it).

Den came to one question where Syed tot should be wrong and I said it's correct. For some reason my friend wanted to campur. Den he argued about how he can give mark for juz giving a cross and not correcting the sentence and some other shyt la. Den he started to get furious as if he was making me feel guilty for not letting him change that answer previously. Nia Seng ah I'm not letting anyone climb my head den i juz diu him la. CB ah if dun diu him he thinks that he bad mood is the king one... Den we never talked la coz obviously he's the guilty one. The question in the end was also correct.

After a long while he offered to shake hands. But that CB thinks it's very funny you noe. I demanded to have him say sorry coz he can't juz make ppl angry and not say sorry. Nia seng that funny guy say 'I'm right'. Nia seng ah... I really dunno how he's gonna deal wit ppl outside the skool la...

OK ok... Juz ranting... Everything's okay. Juz ran out of blogging contents... *phew*

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