Thursday, September 27, 2007

This is to 5C...

Decided to separate this part of the previous post as a separate post.

So like, we changed class today. Abandoned the classroom and transferred to the bilik tayangan, which will be the 'classroom' the whole of next month. Before we left, everyone signed on the blackboard so that it's the first assignment for the next inhabitants of the class to clean the classroom. Was a fun scene la, and also an emotional one for some.

The thing that we've always been taken for granted is now finally taken away from us. We come in everyday, sat down, talk around and stuff everyday repeatedly. And at the end of the day we leave it without even noticing that we're out of the class already, chit-chatting along the way. And now it's gone. The place where all the magic happens. The place where we run around coz someone took somebody's something. The place where we gossiped about someone we dun like. The place where we made fun of each other's crushes. The place where we compared our results and realise that the competition was always there no matter wut. The place where we had fights. The place where we have bonded together. The place where we started our journey as a science student, and going to end as one.

This is the first thing that have left us on our way of graduating from high skool. Wut's coming next? I really dunno... Wut I'm sure is that we're def gon appreciate each other more (talking about you LT chai...), appreciate everything that had kept us together for the past 5 years, and hopefully keeping us in touch in the future (stop saying that we ain't seeing each other anymore after high skool, dude...), appreciate the skool, the one that has made this 5 years possible, appreciate the teachers, the mentors that had been a human engineer, tweaking us into who we are today. And the 'other' students in the school that has made this whole 5 year experience a tid a tad nicer one.

And damn that La* wanted us to erase off the signs on the blackboard while other teachers were OK wit it. I better stop here before I start making remarks about her and getting into trouble again...

This post is dedicated to the 5 Cengal classroom.

EDIT: Got to know that the PI didn't rub it off in the end.

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eh ??? so we change to which class de neh ??