Tuesday, September 25, 2007

WTF Trials Ke-2

Yeap. Dunno for wut reason but we'll be having a so-called 2nd trial for biology. It even has a post-script: markah tertinggi daripada mana-mana kertas akan diambil. Obviously something's wrong la... But nvm la wut to do... Add maths also the same, Friday gonna do SBP papers and the AVERAGE will be taken... OMFG...

OMFG for getting more than 50 for add maths this time! This is quite an achievement! (for me laaa, you add maths pros out there juz con't doin your work) But heck man gota have the average taken with the SBP paper... After all the hard work, my work's gonna get AVERAGED. AIks wut to do got ppl complain ma...

And for some reason today only I noe that the AF function on the SE phones is activated by pressing the centre of the D-pad. And it takes perfect focus! Duno la maybe juz too excited but damn it no matter wut happen i'm gonna lay my hands on that W810i. Fingers crosses for my results in the trials!

Torrenting doesn't clog my PC now, thanks to a convert to uTorrent. BitComet sucked up all my CPU usage...

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a070615 said...

so evil a u~~
physics today so dam hard@!!!!