Friday, September 28, 2007

First full day at ADP Room...

Gotta say that changing classroom needs a break in period. It's clear that a few teachers didn't like the ADP room coz it's kinda stuffy. Yeap... Did we open the windows today? I dun think so...

Day's juz kinda normal la. Normal topic discussion. Normal paper discussion. Normal teaching...

So today I'm gotta talk about the fast food chains here in Bolehland.

Ever noticed how they use their gimmicks to get us to eat it's latest product? I'm not against ads la, but i freakin hate it when they advertised something great and the product is different. Givin us something diff from wut we wanted. This is cheating! This is exploiting the consumers! Let's see a few cases...

Exhibit A

Mmmm... Yummy! Prawn Olio! Wit shrimps all over and mushrooms, must be scrumptious! If it looks nice, it should also taste nice too, right?


Okay... This looks a little plain... But heck this is wut I got that other day when we ordered. If you could juz scroll back up and count the shrimps for me. I'm super sure it's more than 3, which is how much shrimps i found in the actual product. I barely see any mushrooms. No need to mention the chillies la... 2 sahaja, and it's not evern that visible... I see red on the plate though... And mushrooms... And garlic... If only those were included in the actual product...

This is what i call "you order, you eat. You want a change, wait till i serve the other customers first" exploitation. Yeap. Do you noe how long we waited juz to get this plate of plain, oily, shrimp-countable-wit-5-fingers-and-have-2-to-spare spaghetti? By the time it arrived we were starved! Who so free wanna complain to get a change? Eat loh wut to do? This is exploitation...

Let's see wut's next.

Exhibit B

Mmmm... Nice huh? Chicken with specially made sauce and a nice big fat pita. This must be another nice meal, huh?

Honey I Shrunk The Pita!

(I chose the macaroni and cheese over the salad if you noticed)
Erm... I tot I wanted a "nice big fat' pita? Heck I can finish that up in a shot! I had to slowly eat the pita or not I would have to buy another one juz to taste wut's the taste again. I even purposely put the fork there for comparison, and the fork is a little bit smaller compared to the normal forks used. Sheesh... Ppl say 'wut you see is wut you get'. Well, with capitalists like the above examples, it's kinda lucky to even get half of wut you ordered.

There's another restaurant which is famous for things being small when they advertise it as 'big'. I didn't take any pictures of it so here goes with words. Ya remember the burger they advertise as 'big'? The one the guy holds up and imagine enjoying eating the burger coz it's big? "Ayam Resipi Tulen" translate it to english and you should get the idea. Damn it when i got the burger, it looks fckin smaller than the c0l0nel burger they offer. Where the F is the 'big' factor?

Now i noe you'll say "heck look at the fine prints la. It says 'For illustration purposes only'." Yes I know but they can't juz put the fine print and give the consumers something else, right? You promise it to be big, give big la... Why give small?

I wondered why nobody ever complaint to the consumer association huh?

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